Week 12 The 5 Second Rule!

5 secondsHow many times have you dropped something, usually food, on the floor and you quickly bent over and picked it up while “5 Second Rule” played in your head?

The concept is that if the food item had laid on the floor longer than 5 seconds than it was “dirty” or “contaminated and should be thrown away. No matter how clean or dirty the floor was…the 5 second rule, well…it ruled.

As it turns out, our minds are exactly the same way. Once we have a thought or idea we have 5 seconds to act on it or our mind begins to pile up the reasons why it should be thrown.

I have spent some time observing my own thoughts and behaviors this week in light of this information.

Let’s take the example of call reluctance. Both in personal and Professional life.

Thought: Call Mary

Cue up the Jeopardy Theme Do Do Do Do…

Time up–did I make the call?

Nope and let’s examine the conversation that took place.

I glanced at the clock. 6pm–Mind Chatter begins: I’m sure she’s eating supper and I don’t want to interrupt her. I haven’t talked to her in eons so how do I approach the subject I want to share with her. Mary’s pretty closed minded, I bet she will stop you dead in your tracks. She’s probably already heard about what you want to share so why bother. And many other dirty, contaminated thoughts took place. And so the action never happened and the whole idea was thrown away. Leaving me to feel defeated before I even gave myself a chance to succeed.

Which brings me to the opening line in the Third Scroll from “The Greatest Salesman in the World” which states ” I will persist until I succeed”.

I’ve always thought of that as not giving up on going for my dreams. Keep my eye on the prize. Always moving forward..etc. In reality it means…

AH-HA moment arrives!

I succeed each time I don’t allow the 5 Second rule to occur and take immediate action!

I actually Win twice with this one. First by taking immediate action and Secondly by reprogramming my subby to realize that I am Strong, Powerful and Confident and I take action on my thoughts and ideas!

Look out 2015! The journey is going to be a blast!

What was your AH-Ha Moment this week?



5 thoughts on “Week 12 The 5 Second Rule!”

  1. great post, 5 second rule rules indeed. Thanks for sharing. My aha moment? I can have proactive positive thoughts to substitute anything that typically would show up. Pretty cool!

  2. Hmmm…. I had a lot of this chatter in my head this week and weekend. Reading your post is real Ah-ha moment for me 🙂
    PS. I love how ‘Do it now’ changes my life without me realizing it! 🙂

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